Zeiss VR One Hire

  • Optics – Leading-edge optical design and ZEISS precision lenses for ultimate immersive visual experience
  • Supported devices – Smartphones with display size between 4.7 and 5.2 inches
  • See-through front shield – Enabling smartphone cameras for augmented reality apps
  • Eyeglasses – Eyeglasses can be worn while using the headset
  • Distance between wearers’ eyes supported – 53 – 77 mm
  • Field of view – Field of view of approx. 100°
  • Audio – Ports to plug in the smartphone audio and charging connectors
  • Smartphone tray – Innovative slide for exact positioning of the smartphone. Available for Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 6 (4,7 inch). LG G3, Google Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • Air ventilation – Ventilation openings to ease airflow and prevent fogging of lenses
  • Tracking sensors – Internal tracking by smartphone sensors
  • 3D support – Stereo side-by-side format for 3D pictures & videos
  • SDK – An open source SDK as well as the documentation are available to software developers. For technical questions, please follow the link to the StackOverflow Forum.
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