Wallpaper TV Hire
We are delighted to announce the launch of our range of Wallpaper TV screen hire. Our wallpaper TV hire fleet is the most extensive range offering available in the UK with every size being available to hire in our hand built flight cases.

Wallpaper TV is a stand builders dream offering the ability to put up a screen with magnets on a wall in seconds!!

The screens are only 3mm thick and look absolutely amazing. The ultrathin LG Signature OLED W television is just just 3mm thin in the 55-inch model, and mounts seamlessly to the wall to create the experience of ‘looking through a window into another world.’

To avoid cables, it has a single cable that runs to a sound bar, which has all of the normal connectors.

There is built-in Wi-Fi and four HDMI ports, complete with 4K video and HDR technology.

You may well ask how it is possible to make a TV that’s only 1/10 of an inch thick? That’s all down to its OLED tech, where each pixel illuminates itself individually. In comparison, more traditional TVs like Samsung’s QLED models use LCD panels that rely on a backlight to operate. Since OLEDs don’t require a backlight, the screen is ultra thin!

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