Voting Keypads

Whilst voting using keypads seems to have been somewhat overtaken by the newer technologies of voting on iPads and other tablet devices, there are still benefits to be had by adopting this older technology…..price!

Voting using keypads is a significantly less expensive solution and costs can also be saved with cheaper shipping options.

Keypads are an excellent way of collecting responses from a group of people in a very short period of time. Collecting data from a group of people is not always that easy, whether in a conference, training course or educational environment. There are many audience response systems available on the market and they all do the same thing…..collect data!

How Does Keypad Voting Work?

Voting keypads allow you to cast a vote based on a series of questions listed on a slide presentation, with each audience member pressing the button corresponding to their response. These responses are then collated immediately by a receiver device, and are presented in an attractive graph or chart integrated into the slideshow that is outputted on to on a large screen.

Why Use Badgers?

You can benefit from our experience having conducted 100’s of live events and let us take the stress of your event with:


  • Set-up and installation
  • On-site event support and system monitoring
  • Data capture and full reporting
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Voting keypads create an interactive and engaging audience, which helps attentiveness and aids the retention of key messages that you may wish to convey to either a handful of people or many thousands.

Keypad voting systems are efficient and easy to conduct, with no long waiting times for the votes to be counted manually. The ability to conduct anonymous voting also means that you are able to get true and honest responses, which is better for sensitive or controversial issues. You will be able to get the opinions of those who may prefer to stay quiet in a group, meaning that you will no longer have to work with the opinions of those brave enough to speak up.

They can be used in conferences, corporate training, business meetings, and are excellent for educational use.

Voting keypads can also be used for feedback collection as well as pure voting.