Mini USB Scanner Hire

mini-usb-scanner-hireThe OPN 2001 is currently the smallest bar code data collector on the market measuring just 62 x 30 x 16mm and weighing only 28grams.

With 512k memory and its 100 scans per second laser engine it can hold up to 10,000 bar codes and boasts the same features that can be found on many of the larger, more expensive competitors terminals. The on-board 512K of Flash data memory ensures that thousands of codes can be stored securely. You can also forget about batteries. Unlike other portable barcode readers the OPN 2001 has a built in rechargeable battery which is recharged using the USB connection.

There is also an integrated real time clock to facilitate date and time stamping. Opticon’s OPN2001 bar code data collector is the ideal solution for scanning assisted ordering, market research consumer panels and event recording.

The only thing not small about the OPN 2001 is its capacity. It comes with 512 KB of memory and can hold up to 10,000 barcodes.

The OPN 2001 is a batch scanner. This means that you can scan while disconnected from your computer and later upload the scans into Readerware.

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  • Smallest Barcode Data Collector on the Market
  • Market Leading Functionality
  • Laser Scan Engine
  • Built-in Decoder
  • 512K Flash Data Memory
  • Integrated Real Time Clock
  • USB Interface
  • 10,000 Scans From a Full Charge
  • ERS Data Down Load Utility Included