Matterport Hire


Matterport Pro Camera

Designed as a powerful tool that is unbelievably easy to use, the Matterport Pro Camera collects accurate visual and spatial data to map entire areas in minutes. We’ve focused on automation and ease of use to produce reliable results for indoor and outdoor spaces with almost no training.

Matterport Spaces

Matterport Spaces take you beyond the real world. With a complete digital representation of a real-world environment, you and your clients can gain unprecedented insight through an ecosystem of applications. Our immersive embedded web player – 3D Showcase – makes interacting with this data so easy.

Discover your (virtual) reality

Virtual reality headsets offer the most immersive way to experience the most immersive medium. Headsets – like the Samsung Gear VR for Galaxy S7, or Google Cardboard – have made VR experiences truly accessible to anyone.

Real estate agents, retailers, and news organizations are already realizing the potential of Matterport VR Spaces to drive sales and engage audiences. Immersive content creators are on the frontier of the VR revolution. Strap in and prepare for take-off.