LCD/LED Wall Hire


The Worlds First Truly Seamless Video Wall Where Everything Looks Perfect!

The new 55″ LG LCD Panel enhances HD images and with our high definition technology it means the picture remains bright and sharp wherever the viewer is standing. The latest Seamless LCD video wall brings you a totally new concept of 0+0mm screen bezel and with our advanced picture processing also ensures that each of those pixels displays images with superb brightness and authentic detail.

It is effortless to use and most importantly there are no external plugins required.

Our seamless video wall is a truly unique product that is the only seamless video wall for hire anywhere in the world.

There is absolutely no black bezel whatsoever so the picture continues to every edge of each individual 55” screen.

We are able to supply up to a 3 x 3 solution as a maximum size and a 1 x 2 as a minimum.

  • No black bezel lines to break up your image
  • The wide angle view allows your message to be read clearly at any angle
  • Larger screen size allows for more impressive displays to be built
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  • New Slimmer design
  • Active Bezel Seamless Design
  • Full HD and 4K
  • Infinitely Expandable and Easy Installation
  • Full Display Scaling
  • Superior Video Quality & Performance
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Landscape or Portrait