Hololens Hire

The HoloLens looks like a Star Trek-style visor that wraps around your head whilst the HoloLens projected screen moves as you move your head and you control apps either with voice commands or by using the equivalent of a mouse click – the air tap.  Making a Skype call from HoloLens is a good way to try out voice and gesture commands as you can look at the person you want to call in the address book – which is a grid of faces – then air tap to call them. The video call doesn’t jump around the room if you move; it sits in one place unless you look too far away and then it moves back into view, or you can pin it in place.

When Microsoft announced HoloLens everyone has been imagining what they can do with this futuristic augmented reality device. Although Microsoft in its initial introduction of this device promoted its use within a consumer environment it is also clear that Microsoft expect it to be used in all aspects of our lives.

We envisage that HoloLens will be an amazing tool for teaching and training as well as remote support and gaming! We have the largest stock of HoloLen’s available for hire now!

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