Interactive Conferences – iPad & Android

Interactive Software For iPads
Badgers truly interactive conference software for iPads is a fully customizable solution for all iPads.

The interactive conference app is capable of running up to 1,500 delegates for a Conference and can be fully branded as required.

We understand the real value of conferences, corporate events, seminars and training sessions comes from the actual data collected from the individual event. Our software is not only capable of collecting vast amounts of information from the delegates, but is also able to encourage interaction between delegates if required.

Badgers fully interactive software is the market leader in interactive event technology solutions and offers a full service localised network solution as well as a web-based solution, both of which offer the same functionality to the end user.

The conference software has been built to make use of engaging content, interaction between speakers and delegates as well as between delegates themselves and to make the best use of the collection of data.

How is this achieved?
Engaging Content

  • “Push” Slide Presentations
  • Agendas
  • Financial Results
  • Research Papers
  • Speaker Biographies
  • Document Libraries

Interactive Elements

  • Live Pools with Instant Results (multicolour)
  • Ask a question
  • Feedback Forms
  • Questionnaires
  • Message Board (private twitter feed)
  • Private messaging
Interactive Conference Software for Android devices

There will be certain situations where you may require a smaller android (7”) device for your delegates.

Badgers flexible interactive conference app for android devices has very similar functionality to the interactive conference app for iPads.

Similarly, we have stock of over 1,000 google nexus 7” devices so we are able to run fairly large conference events.

Silent Auctions – iPad & Android

Badgers Silent Auction software comes in 2 flavours! – both iPad and Android.

We are well versed in running large charity fundraising events which means that you, the organizer can be left to running the rest of your event whilst we raise as much money as possible.

Our silent auction software has the ability to be fully customized and branded together with any custom logos required to ensure that your silent auction app has the appearance of a completely bespoke product.

Key features of our silent auction software include:

  • No limit to the amount of lots that can be added to any auction
  • Add last minute lots “live”
  • Exact start and finish time with the ability to extend all or specific lots if required
  • Ability to make donations
  • Live running total of all bids and donations
  • Automatic time extension of any lot that has 2 or more people bidding at the end time to ensure the best price achieved on the individual lot
  • A Live feed output to any screen
  • A Live feed to a facilitator iPad to view all bids as they are placed

Other Services

Badgers can offer a wide range of services for events. Please contact us if you require any further information.