Bring Your Own Device

Interactive presentations – Live audience Q&A and polling
Attendee feedback

Presentation technology that helps you achieve your goals


Share your slides

Your content in your audience’s hands one slide at a time – let them take it away and use what you’ve told them productively.

Get feedback

Live assessment of your slides to refine future presentations.

Collect Data

Audience polls to engage and generate insights.

Amplify your message

Encourage sharing of your slides to boost your social profile.

Why Use Glisser?

Follow on your device

Have you ever sat at the back of a presentation and not really been able to see the slides? Follow the slides live on your own device.

Join the discussion

Have you ever wanted to ask a presenter a question but not been picked from the crowd? Voice your opinions through your smartphone and see what others think.

Digital notes

Do you frantically scribble down key points but only type up a fraction of them? Mark-up slides and take notes just like a printed presentation deck.

Like it? Share it

Do you find yourself taking photos of awesome slides to tweet them? Share your favourite slides on Twitter directly from the app.

Slides to take away

Have you ever seen a great presentation and wanted the slides to take away? All the presentation content on your own device, to keep and share.

Send it to your team

Would you like to share the best slides with your team to help them learn as well? Share slides to email from the app, with or without your notes.